Transmedia infographic documenting the final game of the 122nd Edition of the Wimbledon Championships Men's Final between tennis giants Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.


Power is sexy, and Aecero's always turned on.

Aecero’s pulse is strong, constant and infinitely powerful. There is no ambiguity about what this vibrant, glowing orb means. It means the power is on. It means their systems are engaged. It means they’re alive.

The Pulse is the heartbeat of Aecero. It is meticulous and mechanical in its timeless reliability, yet warm, engaging and ultimately human.

It is the hallmark of the Information Age, the explosive essence of the Digital Revolution and the comforting reminder that our future will be brighter, bolder and incalculably more dynamic than our past.


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Silkscreen on fabric.
Bought and produced by Doiy Design and can be purchased here.


For Moving Brands 15th birthday party we developed an interactive backdrop made of 3D shapes. Each 'Mino' represented a person attending the party.

Mino's are 3D character shaped by the guest’s name, and patterned by their relationship to Moving Brands.

The patterns can be decoded to read the length of their relationship to Moving Brands, their association with either the London or San Francisco studio, and whether they were friends online as well as off.

The backdrop could be interacted with using a Leap Motion and displayed tweets and Instagrams live as people posted them from the party.

Designed while at Moving Brands under the directions of Darren Bowles.

Proposed wordmark for The Hypebeast Paper.

Located in Causeway Bay, Fashion Walk is one of the most prominent outdoor shopping areas in Hong Kong.

In June 2013, "Fashion Walk, Fashion Destination" campaign was launched to showcase the array of international fashion and lifestyle brands.

Designed while at Blow under the directions of Ken Lo.

A 48-hour challenge to conceptualize and produce a packaging system that upcycles itself. The result is a fictional pasta brand called ISO- that assists in gauging pasta serving sizes while the cylindrical tube structure differentiates ISO- from existing competitors of boxes and plastic bags.